Attention: highly sensitive & growth oriented women

Ever feel like you're up against an invisible wall?

If you're exhausted AF by relentlessly pursuing the "best version of yourself"...


You're starting to wonder if maybe the problem is you ...

what's wrong with me

You’re willing to put in the work. You’ve read more personal development books than a mediocre white guy, but you feel so frustrated.


And the possibility that this - that you - will never really change feels truly terrifying.


No matter how many self-help books you read, how many inspirational Instagram posts, how many affirmations you repeat, you just can’t seem to find your way through that wall...

Here’s why most women stay stuck right where they are:

  • tree

    You try to change yourself from the outside in

  • tree

    You try to hack your habits

  • tree

    You work harder

  • tree

    And harder

  • tree

    You buy new systems and planners to get organized (as though that’s the problem)

  • tree

    You repeat affirmations and “I am” statements

  • tree

    Without really believing them

And this does. not. work.

You know it doesn’t because you’ve tried it too.


There are 3 self-help myths that are keeping you up against that invisible wall

Myth #1

Self-help culture promises that if we change our thoughts, we'll change our lives's that working for you?

It's ok - it didn't work for me either.

So why not?

Say hello to the power behind every thought, feeling, and action...

The subconscious mind is 95% of who we are.

Just sit with that for a sec.

Think of the POWER that is driving your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results.

This is why change is an inside job.

This is not about your conscious mind

We have 60,000-80,000 thoughts every single day.


How many of those thoughts are you actually aware of? And how many are habitual, running in the background of your subconscious mind?


When you harness the power of the subconscious mind, change flows with relative ease because you are finally working with yourself instead of against yourself.


It's time to stop the fight.

Myth #2

The belief that being hard on yourself will create change

Popular self-help approaches like:

➜  repeating affirmations,

➜  thinking positively, and

➜  "feeling the fear and doing it anyway”

tell us to just push through our defenses.
Did you know that your inner critic is actually a brilliant defense mechanism?

“You’re just not trying hard enough” or “the only thing stopping you is you”. 

"Change your mindset and you can do, be, or have anything."


It's all bullsh*t.

No matter how much self-help you read, no matter how hard you work on personal growth, you're still at the mercy of your inner critic...

Every time you start scaling the invisible wall, there's a protective voice inside warning you not to get too big for your britches.


Until you learn to create safety in your nervous system, change won't happen. It can't.


That's just how our beautiful brains work.

if being hard on yourself worked, it would have worked by now

(Read that again)


Myth #3

Why self-help doesn't help: it has a serious lack of trauma-informed support

The #1 thing I hear from my students is "my childhood really wasn't that bad"...

Fact: most of us are unaware of the invisible "little t" traumas in our lives.

The brain develops from the bottom up. What this means is that as children, we experience everything that happens around us through a very immature perspective.

We believe that what happens to us means something about
For example --> if you had a parent who made all of the decisions for you - who suggested that you didn't know the right thing to do, and didn't create a safety net for you to make mistakes, learn through trial and error, to be wrong and learn through experience - the adult version of you likely sees herself as indecisive. You probably have a difficult time trusting your intuition, listening to your inner voice, and trusting her to lead you well.
Even though that doesn't make sense to your adult self, there's still a part of you deep inside who believes it.


And she's the one who's running the show.

If your habitual, subconscious thought is

“I'm not enough”

then “I'm not enough”
is what your daily life will be built upon

You try to change your subconscious thoughts with your conscious mind ...

And it does not work. No wonder you feel frustrated, discouraged, and stuck.


Critical self-talk,
all-or-nothing thinking, and
approaching your thought life from the outside in keeps you up against that invisible wall.


Past “failures” reinforce that “I’m not enough” feeling  and erode self-trust, which can easily push you right back into the arms of the inner critic.


When you finally learn how to work with your nervous system and subconscious mind (instead of against them), change flows with relative ease...

In Being Human Together, we'll reset your nervous system and rewire your subconscious. Together...

Being Human Together - Jacqui Acree

The course that blends EFT tapping with the psychology of self-compassion, emotional regulation, and stress resilience

so that everything you learn actually becomes part of your lived experience. 

Being Human Together is a blend of both the WHAT and the HOW.

You’re tired of being told what to do without knowing how to do it

EFT is the missing link you’ve been searching for

Jennifer Mackie testimonial

This technique has become a valuable centering practice for me and a readily available tool I use to restore my balance and energy.

I'm so grateful to Jacqui for introducing me to the world of tapping.
Through Being Human Together, I've learned the importance of giving myself more grace, which in turn has allowed me to unravel some sticky beliefs and stories.
This work has created a space for me to explore new opportunities and find growth in my existing ones. Jacqui’s program has provided me with a new sense of hope and insight and a sisterhood that came at the most perfect time.

♥  Jennifer

Tapping gives us the permission to be honest about how we feel, and work with our body and nervous system to bring it all into harmony.

I have done my fair share of mindset work and thought analysis models over the years. I tried to just change my thoughts in certain circumstances, but that approach didn’t always work for me.
Going through Being Human Together taught me to approach my internal blocks and external frustrations with much more ease. Accepting that I am only human after all.

♥  April

April Testimonial
Jacqui Acree - EFT Tapping

Heyyy, I'm Jacqui!

I tried allllll.the.self-help things too (5 am club, writing affirmations until my hand cramped, reading all the books) but it wasn’t until I found Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT / tapping) that I finally found, well, freedom.


  • Freedom from my harsh inner critic
  • Freedom from my perfectionism
  • Freedom from my emotional reactivity
  • Freedom from chronic stress as my baseline
  • Freedom from waking up anxious and going to bed with a long list of when I wasn't enough that day, and then getting up to do it all over again
Did it solve all of my problems? Nope.


But wait - don’t close the page yet! 😂


What tapping DID do was
  • build resilience in my nervous system so that I can be fully present in my life
  • quiet my inner critic so that I stopped judging myself so harshly
  • create emotional agility so that instead of being stuck in emotional reactive patterns, I am free to choose emotional responses that match a mature 44-year adult woman vs a tantrum-throwing toddler

I'll have what she's having ↑

If your inner critic doubles down hard, causing you to:

  • Overthink

  • Question your decisions

  • Be plagued with self-doubt

  • Judge your actions... and inactions

  • Hop on the guilt-resentment roller coaster


And it feels like:

  • Perfectionism is holding you back in life

  • Your progress is slowing to near-stagnation

  • You can’t seem to realize your full potential

  • Your need for control brings out your worst qualities and behaviours

  • Your high expectations put so much pressure on yourself (and if you’re being honest, your partner and kids)

  • You suffer from overthinking and decision anxiety

  • Imposter syndrome is keeping you small

  • You feel guilty for not being grateful enough for the life you already have

You're in the right place, sister

What if the only thing that was ever wrong with you was the belief that there was something wrong with you?


This isn't your conventional “try harder and do more” approach

In fact, this is more about relaxing, releasing, and receiving.


Literally letting go of old beliefs that are not your fault.


Those beliefs were created by your subconscious mind to keep you safe, in the same way that when we touch a hot stove as a child, we remember “don’t touch that, it hurts!”.
But the good news?


You don’t need these old beliefs anymore. They’re keeping you from choosing your favourite version of yourself.


The most authentic YOU.

This isn't your conventional “try harder and do more” approach

In fact, this is more about relaxing, releasing, and receiving.


Literally letting go of old beliefs that are not your fault.


Those beliefs were created by your subconscious mind to keep you safe, in the same way that when we touch a hot stove as a child, we remember “don’t touch that, it hurts!”.
But the good news?


You don’t need these old beliefs anymore. They’re keeping you from choosing your favourite version of yourself.


The most authentic YOU.

Being Human Together will empower you to:

  • Develop an inner voice of self-compassion

  • Learn practical tools to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Reduce cortisol (tapping for 1 hour has been clinically proven to reduce cortisol by as much as 43%!)

  • Ditch cycles of overwhelm, overthinking, and procrastination

  • Let go of self-sabotaging behaviours

  • Feel noticeably more grounded and calm

  • Build resilience to life’s inevitable challenges

  • Embrace failure as part of the learning path to success

  • Cultivate appreciation for the inherent value of rest

  • Release the mental load uniquely carried by women

  • Set and effectively hold boundaries

  • Build emotional intelligence and agility

Jacqui Acree, EFT tapping

In Being Human Together, you will learn scientifically supported practical strategies that grow...

Jacqui Square (7)

This isn't woo-woo.

Self-compassion: because if being hard on yourself worked, it would have worked by now


Emotional agility: because being human means experiencing the full spectrum emotion without any toxic positivity


Stress resilience: because let's be honest, chronic stress is slowly killing us


And through the power of EFT Tapping, you’ll go from head knowledge to heart knowledge so that you can finally transform your self-defeating beliefs and stop being so damn hard on yourself.


The best part? You’ll do it all with a growth-oriented sisterhood, just like you.


Because you know you are made for more and it’s your time to rise and shine. And when one of us rises, we all rise together.

I have to admit the first time I tried tapping with you I thought it was a bunch of horse shit...

But I figured what the hell I'm here I will try it... and son-of-a-bitch if I didn't feel better... like WAY better.

♥  Leah

What's different about
Being Human Together?


Gets to the root of the problem

→ No more tackling an internal issue with an external approach. 

Reveals old narratives that you’ve been subconsciously believing for YEARS and allows you to let them go with ease.

Builds vibrant and practical self-compassion

→ No more listening to the harsh voice of your inner critic. 

She has been lying to you for long enough. If being hard on yourself worked, it would have worked by now. Research shows that there is a better way: self-compassion.

Creates confidence to take inspired and intuitive action

No more procrastination. 

You know that inspired idea you have? You’re going to learn how to make it happen by aiming for a B- (I can practically hear your eyes widen from here - trust me, it’ll be ok).

Identifies and replaces the thoughts that are driving self-defeating behaviours

→ No more self-sabotage. 

Learn to identify the thoughts that are sabotaging your potential and effortlessly tap into new thoughts that will support change. (this is not the same old journaling “I am” statements at 5 am every morning. EYE ROLL)

Introduces your inner warrior

No more shrinking. 

There is a warrior inside of you. Learn to tune into this part of yourself so that you can create boundaries, speak truth, and rise into your radiant potential.
Community 2

Creates connection and belonging

→ No more feeling like there is something wrong with you. 
You are part of a powerful sisterhood of like-minded and like-hearted women. Cheer each other on as we all rise and shine.
June Myles testimonial

I love that I’m super gentle with myself these days.

The amazing thing is that such an enormous thing feels so subtle. I am loving this version of me. Thank you, Jacqui, for all you’ve done and for walking beside me.

♥  June Myles

Being Human Together Jacqui Acree

What's Included:

10 weeks of lessons, journal prompts, guided tapping sessions, and bonus LIVE group tapping in the community


Week One: Courage, Compassion, & Connection


Week Two: Stress & Resilience


Week Three: Shame & Authenticity


Week Four: Self-trust & Self-compassion


Week Five: Comparison


Week Six: Perfectionism


Week Seven: Parts of Self


Week Eight: Creating Calm


Week Nine: Permission to Play & Rest


Week Ten: Find Your Something Bigger

More of what you'll find inside...

10 short tapping sessions

10 Short Tapping Sessions

(video, audio, and written script options)

It's like having me in your back pocket! Tap with me on demand. As much or as little as you'd like.

journal prompts

Journal Prompts & Tapping Scripts

(one each week)

Journal prompts for meaningful reflection each week, and written tapping scripts (to tap on your own without video or audio)

Plus... get *3 months free* live group tapping calls

community tapping

Inside the Community...

We'll cover it allllllllll...

Limiting core beliefs, inner critic, shifting your mood, building stress resilience, etc.

These are live calls with me that include a bit of teaching and a whole lot of tapping to support you in actually doing the work vs just another DIY. (Value $1200) 

Being Human Together - Jacqui Acree

You want in? Thrilled to have you!

Choose the Being Human Together plan that works for you

1 Payment of


3 Payments of


Jacqui, you are just the absolute best...

What you put into each and every session is more than I could ever explain.

I have never felt so taken care of.

Mary-Anne Dennison

Tapping is a game-changer for me.

It helps me settle down my mind and nervous system so I can process my thoughts and feelings with gentleness.

Being Human Together is the perfect title for this community. We are really in this together.

♥  Leigh Silver

This is not intended to be DIY

How many courses have you signed up for and not actually done the work?


Yeah. Me too.


So here’s the magic: 

Add the Being Human Together Live Group Tapping Community for FREE for 3 months, which gives you access to live 90-minute tapping coaching calls with me and a group of like-hearted women. 


This is LIVE tapping time with me without paying premium 1:1 prices.


Tapping in real-time is the magic that will support your transformation as you go from head knowledge to heart knowledge.


If you can’t attend live, replays will be available. But if you make it live, I can make sure to address exactly what you need.

BHT community

As an EFT Tapping Practitioner with a BA in Counselling...

I’ve taken everything I know about how to create change easily by harnessing the power of the subconscious mind and putting it into a 10-week growth-oriented community of like-hearted women who are on a similar path… 


… so that you can experience transformative freedom from old beliefs that you’re not enough and you never will be


and finally rise and shine into your most favourite version of yourself.


I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

We all think that it’s just us. That there is some other, better, more perfect, unbroken way to be human.

But what if...what if being human isn’t hard because you’re doing it wrong.
What if it’s hard because you’re doing it right? (Glennon Doyle)


What they have to say...

Cheryl Rerick testimonial

Cheryl Rerick

When Jacqui introduced me to EFT tapping, I was struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, and stress... raising 3 kids and running a business from home during a pandemic. Not to mention those past traumas we all have that simmer just below the surface. With her program Being Human Together, Jacqui has created a beautiful soft place to land. Bring your worries, bring your flaws, and all your big feelings. Everything is welcome. She showed me how to embrace and feel into the negative stuff, and then shift it to something that actually serves me. With Jacqui's unique style of tapping, I often sit down all up in my traumas, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and like I can't see my way out of it. And when we're done, I feel a lightness, calmness, and a feeling of security that is hard to describe in words. I've tapped with other people, but there is no one who does it like Jacqui- she's the real deal. I'm so glad I joined her program and community, it's been a game-changer.
Jessica Kay testimonial

Jessica Kay

Just a quick message to acknowledge how damn awesome you are at what you do. You’re real, authentic, and encouraging of a group of women to support each other and allow some laughs and humour which always feels good. I finished session 2 this morning and always have a great ‘ah hah!’ moment in each of your tapping sessions. Your words resonate deeply with me and your tapping sessions give me time and space to process these thoughts and shift them. I feel more positive and… my biggest intention right now… ACCEPTING who I am and where I’m at.


I had tried EFT tapping many times in my life, yet it never really resonated with me until I experienced tapping with Jacqui. She teaches in a style that is extremely relatable; she adds laughter to help balance the seriousness, and her personality is warm and nurturing. Tapping with Jacqui has allowed me to bring more fun into my life, relax my nervous system, and made me aware of the limiting beliefs I hold within and how to create space from them. Thank you Jacqui for bringing freedom and joy back into my life!


Thank you so much for the personal message. I might have gotten a little teary…your affirming words meant so much! I don’t know if it was the tapping, your caring presence, or just making space each day to acknowledge and accept my feelings, but it was a really great experience for me.
Julia Pratten testimonial

Julia Pratten

Jacqui not only has a wonderful sense of humour, which makes any session with her fun, she really knows her stuff. A session with her is like having a coffee with a friend, but a friend that ‘gets’ you and leaves you feeling elevated and optimistic. She’s not afraid to challenge or push you, especially when she is really trying to understand where you’re coming from, so I always feel like she truly has my best interests at heart. I came into tapping thinking it might be a bit woo-woo, but really, with Jacqui’s expertise not only in tapping but her absolute passion for the technique and the people she comes across, the benefit of this practice has been significant. Not in the least because of the ‘talk therapy’ element. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jacqui to anyone wishing to explore tapping or just a new tool to help them through this bumpy road we call life.


I have known Jacqui for years, so I know she always brings good insights. She is always thoughtful and well read on whatever subject she approaches. The course delivered the high quality content I expected. One of the best aspects of the course, which I was not expecting, was the development of community. Having the opportunity to hear from and connect with the other participants was an important aspect of the course that I didn’t foresee, but valued greatly.
Libby Langley testimonial

Libby Langley

Jacqui has helped me reframe, well, *everything* about my life and business. I honestly had no clue what, if anything, tapping would do for me, but it has helped me put some upsetting incidents into perspective, and completely reframe my limiting beliefs so I am free to move forward with things on my terms. I am stunned at how my life has changed after only 5 1:1 sessions, but changed it has. I feel freer, clearer, and calmer. I can’t recommend Jacqui and her “woo woo shit” highly enough. It’s incredible.

Sarah Kilshaw

My experience with Being Human Together was beyond my expectations! Everything is set up so beautifully, and you somehow know what we all need to hear without us even knowing ourselves until we hear it.
Katherine Oneil testimonial

Katherine O’Neil

I’d never tried EFT before. I’d heard of it of course, but like many things, it went on my list of “someday”. Then Jacqui’s offer of easing the mental load popped up in my inbox and it spoke right to me. Not only did I look forward to those five 30-minute sessions that week, but they were placeholders for ME. Time to stop, breathe (literally), and shut down my busy mind. It was a safe and warm space to show up, feel, and share. Jacqui gave me tools to use whenever I needed them during this crazy time of life.


​​I left the group tapping session with such a feeling of peace. First time I've felt that way in a while. One thing I really took to heart- I am not a shitty person my circumstances may be shitty but I am not shitty. I've just had shit, shit, and more shit thrown my way for so long it's hard to differentiate between me and the situations. Now that I can recognize the thought, I can work on it.


It was very powerful for me, but light at the same time. Easy. And accessible. You have such a gift.
Carla Unger Testimonial

Carla Unger

Tapping with Jacqui has been a game-changer. She creates a safe space, listens, and asks the right questions that allow you to dig deep about yourself. Her intuitive tapping affirmations are created personally for you, which leads to inner and outer healing.


I feel like I create anxiety where there is none. I've been on such "high alert" for so long it's hard to let go of that feeling of dread and all those things I "should" be doing. I feel these feelings so intensely I am unable to relax in my own home or really anywhere. I enjoyed learning how to write my own tapping script - you taught me the tools to go a lil deeper with myself and give myself the room to feel what I am feeling instead of bury/numb it. Then ask the right questions to explore how and why I feel what I do.
Robyn testimonial


I had a one on one session with Jacqui, not knowing what to expect, but willing to try anything given my current state of mental, physical, and emotional stress and burnout. As we worked through some of the feelings and with the questions Jacqui asked, we unlocked a HUGE door within me.
Ruth Gilbey Testimonial

Ruth Gilbey

Jacqui helped me when I was feeling very overwhelmed and when I was feeling like all the noise from the coaching and self-help industry was making me feel more confused and nervous than actually helping me. She gave me a space to process a lot which, upon reflection, I'd been holding in and trying to almost white knuckle, mastering my mindset without being human first and allowing myself to be kinder to myself and feel things. She reminded me that it's not a weakness to have emotions or to work through things, that I have a support system, and I can process and work through things without needing to add pressure onto myself to look a certain way as a coach and business owner. She also gave me space to remind myself of how far I have come and confidence in where I want to go. It was an incredibly freeing experience being coached, supported, and tapping with Jacqui. I started feeling confused, scared and overwhelmed and, after even one session, felt confident, calm and in control. And most importantly be happy being me. Thank you, Jacqui xx.


Wow, that was great! Very powerful. Thank you so much, Jacqui, a first for me, and I really enjoyed it.

If you’re a results person, you’ll wanna hear about Christine’s experience with Being Human Together...

birds low


I'm already so stressed. I don’t want another thing to do!

Oh sister, I feel you. Stress isn’t going away any time soon without actively completing the stress cycle in a new way.

I don’t know anything about EFT Tapping. Can I still join?

YES! I love welcoming new women into the powerful experience of tapping! I'm your guide; all you have to do is follow along. Tapping is such a gentle, forgiving practice and once you learn it you will be able to use it in all sorts of ways to support your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Ok, but how do I know this is really for me?

You’re ready to Be Human Together if:

  • You have tried “all the things” but still feel like you’re hitting a wall
  • You recognize perfectionism as a false shield and you are ready to put down the weight of its heavy armour
  • You crave a community of like-hearted women who are on the same path
  • High expectations are keeping you in procrastination and paralysis
  • You’re tired of feeling not enough and less than
  • You’ve been on a personal growth journey and are ready to take it next level
  • You believe in your bones that you are made for more but you’re not living that truth yet

If you said yes to even just one of the above,
Being Human Together is a good fit for you

Laura Lee Regnier testimonial

After decades of personal growth work...

I am thrilled to have found Jacqui and the powerful transformational tool of tapping.  With Jacqui’s guidance, I’m learning what it means to truly be human and step beyond the clique of "change your thinking, change your life".

I am discovering a peace and contentment that I have longed for my whole life.

♥  Laura Lee Regnier

I had tried EFT tapping many times in my life, yet it never really resonated with me until I experienced tapping with Jacqui...

She teaches in a style that is extremely relatable; she adds laughter to help balance the seriousness, and her personality is warm and nurturing.

Tapping with Jacqui has allowed me to bring more fun into my life, relax my nervous system, and made me aware of the limiting beliefs I hold within and how to create space from them.

Thank you Jacqui for bringing freedom and joy back into my life!


Being Human Together - Jacqui Acree

You’re tired of being told what to do without knowing how to do it

It's time to try something new...

Let's get started...

Choose the Being Human Together plan that works for you

1 Payment of


3 Payments of


Still not sure?  You can DM me on Instagram here, or email me at [email protected]

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