to the woman who is feeling stuck af in business & life

Reset your overworked nervous system

in Goal Trauma Winter Retreat

(and you don't even need to leave your house)

Find your flow, trust your gut, and get what you truly want and care about in 2024
…without stress-clenching those cute butt cheeks of yours

to the high-achieving woman who is feeling stuck af in business & life

Reset your overworked nervous system in Goal Trauma Winter Retreat

(and you don't even need to leave your house)

Find your flow, trust your gut, and get what you truly want and care about in 2024

…without stress-clenching those cute butt cheeks of yours

After decades of self-doubt, Leah’s brain finally flipped the switch…

I’m the type who second-guesses my decisions to the extreme - I think about it for YEARS...even DECADES....

I constantly beat myself up for decisions I’ve made. Until Goal Trauma Summer Camp, I had never heard someone say “you made a decision you thought best with the information you had at the time”. It was like BOOM my brain finally flipped a switch. 


♥  Leah Duran


It's time for a science-backed shift in how you approach your goals

If the traditional white-knuckling approach to goal achievement has you hitting an invisible wall and making you feel stuck AF, then allow me to introduce you to a more efficient, sustainable and cozy way:

Welcome to Goal Trauma Winter Retreat, the live 6-week program for high-achieving women (like us!). 


Here, we use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping to help your overworked nervous system just chill the eff out. 


The result?

You can finally move forward in life and business – and do it all on your own damn terms.


EFT doesn’t just work a hot damn…


→ it's solidly grounded in science… 

(which I think you’ll appreciate if you’re a woo-skeptical girl like moi)


→ and it’s a self-applied tool that’s soooo damn easy and convenient to use…

… which as a growth-oriented entrepreneur & a mom who can’t handle even one more thing right now,  I’m like, “YES, PLEASE TO THAT.”


You feel me?

(tell me more, she says)... 

Here's a sneaky peek at what a chilled-out, balanced nervous system can do you for you:

  • checkmark

    It carves out a light-as-a-feather path to success, fulfilment, and ease

  • checkmark

    It naturally dissolves procrastination, perfectionism, overthinking, self-doubt, and the endless loop of second-guessing, so you can get sh*t done

  • checkmark

    It slices through the storm of stress and overwhelm, helping you centre and think clearly…

(Like narrowly avoiding an explosive meltdown when you’re trying to work but the kids and are bickering and the dog just threw up, LIKE WTAF?! 🫠)

Fun right? I think so too.

So, grab your snuggliest blanket, your favourite hot drink, and dive into the warmest, most uplifting community of women around. Together, we’ll tap into your best most enjoyable, easeful, expansive and fun year ever… 


Already know you want in? This fancy little button will magically transport you to the sign-up page with just one clickity click:


woman in bed with coffee

well, hello you!

So, you've landed here – and that tells me something:

You’ve got a big, shiny vision for your life and business, but you’re feeling stuck AF...

And if you’re anything like I was (when I hit my late thirties), there's this nagging thought that you should be way further along by now.

But every time you try to move forward,
BAM! You hit that sneaky, invisible wall of resistance. How frustrating!

And when you’re constantly wrestling with this resistance, life just starts to feel

We’re talkin’ “climbing Mount Everest sans bra, barefoot, while pushing a slumbering moose uphill” levels of hard.

What you want (and totally deserve, by the way) is some
forward frickin’ movement! 

But instead, you find yourself spinning in a shitstorm of overwhelm, bone-deep exhaustion, and the kind of stress that makes you want to curl up, binge-watch the entire season of The Great British Baking Show, and cry into that jumbo bag of M&Ms you now regret buying. (Just me?)


(I was samesies not that long ago. Hang tight, I’ll spill the tea on that soon.)

And do you wanna know what’s making a bad situation worse?


You've been gaslit told:

  • X

    get out of your comfort zone

  • X

    consistency is king

  • X

    you only fail if you quit

  • X

    no pain, no gain

  • X

    feel the fear and do it anyway

  • X

    the only thing stopping you is you

  • X

    mindset is everything (aka *change your thinking, change your life*)

  • X

    oops, you let a negative thought slip in, so that’s why you’re still stuck

  • X

    if you don’t have it, you must not really want it

It’s time to ask yourself…

what if all that’s simply not true?

up arrow
basket of blankets

The real danger is: it looks like that advice is working for *everyone else*, so naturally you’re left believing the problem must be you.

I’m here to tell you: the problem isn’t you.

I can already hear that jerkface inner critic of yours, chattering away:

... but I procrastinate too much

... I’m too disorganised

... I suck at managing my time

... I overthink and second-guess my decisions to the extreme 

... I’m just not confident enough 

To which I still say 👉 
NOPE. You are still not the problem.


You are made of f*cking stardust. And it’s time for you to rise and shine….

Cozy blanket and coffee

And the real secret to creating a life and biz that you're head-over-heels in love with?

  • X

    trying harder

  • X

    getting out of your comfort zone

  • X

    and beating yourself up when you don’t meet your own (and everyone else’s) crippling expectations.

(If being hard on yourself worked, it soooooo would've worked by now)

So, what
is the real answer? 

Hang tight – it's coming, promise!

hey I'm Jacqui

… a psychology nerd with a BA in Counselling and a Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner at your service! 

Let my hindsight be your foresight...

Once upon a time, in a not-so-distant land
(alright, it was British Columbia, Canada), I found myself caught in the relentless 'do more, try harder' hamster wheel.


Let's peek into a day in the life of *2017 Jacqui*, shall we?

Jacqui Acree EFT Tapping
Jacqui and family

My eyes blink open. Oh, hello overwhelm, it’s you again. 😵‍💫


Stomach churning, jolt of adrenaline in my veins – and my brain is off to the races… 


→ How am I going to get everything done? (the heavy weight of it all)

→ Who needs what today?...(because everyone else comes first, right?)

→ Running through the never-ending to-do list…


That ↑↑ is how I used to wake up Every. Damn. Day.


Calm, clear, and grounded? Hahaha…. Ya right.


To complicate things further, as if the stress soup needed more ingredients… 


I had everything I wanted - a supportive husband, 2 darling children, a successful business… 

Jacqui and family

But as good as life was, my nervous system didn't know how to experience it as *good*

I was stuck in a cycle of perpetual pushing, always striving for more, more, more.

My “solution”? 

A heavy dose of mindset mastery (read: a cocktail of toxic positivity and sidestepping real emotions). 

And for a fleeting moment, it seemed to work. 

Until WHAM, I’d slam into that damn invisible wall and get knocked back to square one.

Le sigh.

But then, after much trial and error, diving down science-themed rabbit holes (the best kind,
obviously), and some deep soul-searching, I landed on something profound. 

And this discovery led to:

→ a growing, vibrant, successful (and sustainable!) business that suits my highly sensitive self to perfection (*chef’s kiss*)....

… While getting to truly experience the joy of who I am and what I have right now.

“What was that profound realisation?”
I hear you ask. Here it comes, just for you:


Your business growth cannot exceed the capacity of your nervous system

woman looking out the window

It just can’t. ‘Cause science.

The unconscious wisdom of your body is kinda like a built-in security system that hits the big red 'HELL NO' button as a protective function when it senses danger. Its top priority? Your survival.

And if your business growth feels like a threat?


When your nervous system is dysregulated AF, things like… 

→ launching a new offer

signing new clients

putting yourself out there on social media and podcasts

staring down an inbox that’s more packed than a stadium during the eras tour
→ or raising your rates (or asking for a welllllll-deserved raise)

… all these can feel just as threatening as a hungry bear barrelling down on you in the forest.

And if you try to strong-arm your nervous system & brain into submission with just sheer willpower, dreamy vision boards, affirmations, and mindset mastery?

... NOPE.

That's a showdown where your body comes out on top – every. single. time.

Our bodies are
strong, wired to keep us safe no matter what. So, if you want to move forward without fighting your body every painful step of that way?

The key is to work
with your body instead of against it.



Get your body on board with your 2024 goals

Your body was born with everything you need to get unstuck and expand your capacity for more growth, flow, fulfilment, and freedom, ultimately paving the path directly to your goals.


We just need to get your nervous system from “dysregulated AF” to “flowy and flexy”…


so that your natural intuition and your innate wisdom start running the show.


Think about it: If a dysregulated nervous system is steering your life, where are you really headed?


man on a kids toy car crashing

Seriously, what I’m about to share should be a prereq for running (or starting) a business. 


Or just doing life, period.

There are so many things we need to learn and do as business owners:

building a funnel

→ leading sales calls 

writing compelling (but not salesy/sleazy) copy (How am I doing? 🤔)

→ developing an effective social media strategy

→ selling in the DMs

→ getting featured in the media or on podcasts

→ the art of time management 


And on and on it goes, but here’s a little sneaky secret:

None of that stuff above is going to really “move the needle” (as the marketing bros like to say these days) until you get your nervous system on board.

Starting with the tools to balance your nervous system isn't just important –
it's foundational. It lays the groundwork for everything else to click into place.

And the quickest, most convenient, easiest way to get there?


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Tapping – nervous system regulation made eas(ier)


EFT Tapping is your go-to science-backed mind-body tool for on-the-spot nervous system regulation.

Why's it so effective? 

Because tapping on specific acupoints sends
calming signals straight to the fear centre of your brain, giving you access to a steady source of self-trust. 

(It’s kinda like meditation for verbal processors.)

With tapping, you always start with the raw truth of how you feel right now. 

No bypassing. No suppressing. No numbing.

Here's what happens when you honour your feelings:

Their message is delivered. They're free to go, which frees you to choose your next move.

And once you get the hang of this super simple tool, you’ll be able to
move through things like resistance, procrastination, overthinking, and self-doubt as they come up…

… instead of getting stuck in a Tasmanian devil whirlwind of racing thoughts, overwhelm, and stress. 

Growth-oriented women love this tool because:

  • They can fit it into their busy schedules whenever they need some nervous system TLC 
  • You don’t have to do it perfectly to get calming results 
  • They can tap anytime, anywhere (there’s even a discreet version for those public moments when you need a quick calm-down but you don’t want to look like a weirdo)


The beauty of tapping is you’ll literally feel a difference within 10(ish) short minutes

… Empowering you to take action towards what you really want and care about.

Tap into a new way of doing Life

What are the perks of a chilled-out nervous system? Let's take a sneak peek, shall we?

I want you to try to imagine just how damn good it’s going to feel when… 

  • checkmark

    You trust yourself to handle whatever life throws your way 

  • checkmark

    You operate from a deep and unconditional sense of self-acceptance and self-compassion 

  • checkmark

    You’re able to access flow when you’re creatively blocked and do things like create offers you LOVE, write social media content, or publish your next book

  • checkmark

    You can dial down the noise, overwhelm, and stress on demand 

  • checkmark

    You’re able to be fully present with loved ones – without your to-do list hijacking your brain

  • checkmark

    You break free from the crippling grip of self-doubt, overthinking,  second-guessing and self-judgment that’s keeping you small

  • checkmark

    You’re able to create and hold boundaries around your time, energy, & attention

  • checkmark

    You can tap into instant(ish) productivity, focus, and motivation

  • checkmark

    You can shift from emotionally reactive (*ahem* explosive) to responsive

  • checkmark

    You’re able to stop being so damn hard on yourself

When you’re operating from a chilled-out nervous system, your growth doesn’t feel like a self-improvement project –  it feels like a fun adventure!

Jacqui - Portrait size for website (3)

So, if ANY of that sounds good to you, my friend, here’s my invite to you:

Join the world’s coziest program
(so cozy and fun we lovingly call it a Winter Retreat)

….and dissolve the invisible wall that’s keeping you stuck, so you can tap into flow, trust your gut, and get what you truly want and care about in 2024… 

stress-clenching those cute butt cheeks of yours


The live 6-week group EFT tapping cohort that empowers you to tap into a steady source of freedom, flow, and fulfilment on demand

…as you grow the life you want on your own terms

what's included...

Live group coaching & tapping:

6 x 90 minute live (Zoom) sessions - a strategically crafted roadmap unraveling the roots of your invisible wall and empowering you to feel safe as you rise and shine


    Session 1: Work WITH your nervous system

    Your behaviour always makes sense in context. Learn the 9 hidden rewards for staying right where you are, which one(s) you're benefiting from, and how to work with yourself instead of against yourself to start moving forward.

    → empowers you to move forward with flow, leaving resistance in the dust


    Session 2: Become your own BFF

    Connect the dots between what you know about yourself and how you feel about yourself. It's time to align ‘knowing other people think’ you’re awesome with ‘feeling like it’s true’. 

    → this is the secret to making self-talk work for you instead of against you


    Session 3: Redefine your relationship with failure

    Fail is a verb, not an identity. When you don’t make a ‘failed attempt’ mean something about you, you’re then free to experiment, try something new, and play. This is where FUN + ‘forward movement’ meet.

    → grow unconditional self-acceptance and self-love, so you feel safe to try new things without feeling like it’s putting your self-worth on the line

    → when something doesn’t work (because it's bound to happen), it becomes an adventure, not a dead end


    Session 4: When you’re afraid you’ll actually get what you want

    It's not unusual to unconsciously block yourself from reaching your goals because you don’t trust yourself to handle MORE…more success, more clients, and more visibility.

    → expand your capacity for MORE so your nervous system doesn’t hit *threat level midnight* every time something good comes your way


    Session 5: The Mystery Session

    This wild card session is tailored to the group's real-time needs and desires, offering support that's relevant and impactful right when you need it.


    Session 6: Loving who you already are while believing in who you’re still becoming

    Recognize how far you’ve already come while also acknowledging you’re still in the process of becoming.

    → you'll let go of old narratives like "I should be further along by now" by redefining success and honouring your own unique pace and path

    → addresses the part of you that never feels like you’re doing enough so you can relax and enjoy your success instead of always focusing on the next big thing

*Remember: This journey isn't a linear path. Like all great adventures, we might take scenic routes. As your guide, I'll tune into the group's needs and pivot as needed, ensuring a personalised, impactful experience for all.

tuck shop mock up

Tapping Tuck Shop:

When I went to camp as a kid, we called the concession the "tuck shop". This is where you'd load up on candy and pop in the afternoon for a gorge-fest during free time. 

The Tapping Tuck Shop is a whole lot better for you than candy and pop, but it tastes just as good going down. This is your go-to spot for bite-sized, on-demand guided tapping audios. Whenever you need a little nervous system pick-me-up, just hit play and treat yourself to some instant TLC.


→ Enjoy 10 short, always-available audio sessions for swift nervous system regulation

→ Easily accessible right on your phone, wherever you listen to podcasts

→ It’s like having a personal EFT practitioner at your fingertips. Just open the app and select the session that speaks to you in the moment


10(ish) minutes to feeling calmer. Clearer. Lighter. FREEEEEE.

That’s why they called it Emotional Freedom Techniques (in case ya didn’t know 😉).


Tap along with me in bite-sized sessions like

When you need to focus

Releasing comparison

Becoming your selfiest self

Allowing today to be easy

When you're feeling uncertain

Releasing overwhelm

Setting the intention to create a great day

Tapping into heart coherence

When you're feeling really tired

Celebrating how far you've come

The Tapping Tuck Shop is amazing - I go back to these audios over and over...

I love having these tapping audios on demand. I can't count how many times the ones for "when you need to focus" and "releasing overwhelm" helped me get through my day. It still amazes me how big of a difference 15 minutes of tapping makes. Thanks Jacqui!


♥  Cheryl Rerick

Cheryl Rerick
Julia Pratten testimonial

This program took me to the next level...

Jacqui not only knows her stuff and delivers it so beautifully, she also brings everyone together and creates such a wonderful SAFE energy. This group was so special, so honest and Jacqui always seems to know which direction to take the session in. Everyone in the group was very different, but the experiences we’d had, our insecurities, our struggles were all similar. It truly felt like a sisterhood.

If you are looking for a way to shift the baggage we carry in terms of achieving, being stuck, and literally, goal trauma, then I would totally recommend this program. Not only do you get to be the recipient of Jacqui’s amazing skills, but you also get to be with a group of people who “get” what you’re going through.

♥  Julia Pratten

(this is not DIY)  


In Goal Trauma Winter Retreat, you get that cozy & safe feeling that comes with "these people really get me"

Enjoy the support and validation that keeps you

inspired, motivated, and on track

Plus, I'm bringing back a fan fave...


Get private Voxer access to me throughout the entire program 


It’s a fun (& free!) walkie-talkie type of app that allows us to exchange private voice or text messages without the distraction of social media.


Remember how you always wanted to string 2 tin cans between your house and your bestie’s?

Like that... only with smartphones.

Here's how you'll use it:

  • 2 days a week, you’ll have the opportunity to privately ask your questions and get my feedback on what’s coming up for you after the live sessions
  • This is not private tapping with me, nor is it counselling or therapy
  • This is easy, private, and direct access to me as an experienced EFT practitioner who can quickly see underneath what’s going on and offer you reframes that will help you rewire neural pathways so you move from intention to action
  • Short, sweet, and to the point to help you get more wiggle room from those pernicious old patterns that are keeping you small
Voxer access

I'm a verbal processor..

Talking out an issue over Voxer is what I often need. Sometimes you just need to know you’re not alone.
Jacqui has a rare gift - while listening she also hears the undercurrent of what may be just below the surface. Having that insight has helped me move through some big emotions with an ease I didn’t know was possible.


♥  Krista Martens

beyond-2178 copy

If you're looking at your 2024 calendar and already feeling behind...

…it's time for a science-backed shift in how you approach your goals.

What’s the investy-vest-ment?

Well, you're already scoring big because I charge in CANADIAN DOLLARS! Yep, you heard it right!

Here’s the thing → as a Canadian, I know exactly how it feels to buy something in USD (it’s quite the exchange rate crotch kick).

So for my fellow Canadians (eh), I charge in CAD.

If you’re elsewhere in the world, pretttttty sure the exchange rate will put a big smile on your face…


And there's a no-mark-up payment plan…!

I KNOW, right?!? It just keeps gettin’ better!

Select the GTWR plan that fits your needs like a glove:

Choose the Goal Trauma Winter Retreat plan that works for you:

1 Payment of


  • (approx $519 USD)
  • 6 x 90 minute LIVE group coaching + tapping sessions
  • Access to all replays (to re-visit whenever you want)
  • 10 on-demand tapping audios (in your back pocket for when your nervous system needs a little TLC)
  • *OPTIONAL Voxer Access
  • **BONUS 10 x non-gaslighty affirmations audio tapping sessions ($129 value)

2 Payments of


  • (approx $259 USD)
  • 6 x 90 minute LIVE group coaching + tapping sessions
  • Access to all replays (to re-visit whenever you want)
  • 10 on-demand tapping audios (in your back pocket for when your nervous system needs a little TLC)
  • *OPTIONAL Voxer access

Exclusive Bonus: Pay in full for instant access to non-gaslighty affirmations

When you pay in full today, you get instant access to my super duper popular "Non-Gaslighty Affirmations Audio Tapping Sessions” – designed to lower your stress levels immediately(ish).

What's included:

10 short, easy-to-follow EFT tapping sessions like…

  • Protecting my peace is my priority

  • I choose to love who I already am, while believing in who I’m still becoming

  • I give myself permission to let go

  • 7 more...

Video (with optional closed captions) if you want to follow along with me visually

Audio with no log-in requiredaccess straight from your phone via your fave podcast player or through the fancy pants app - so you can tappity-tap-tap and quickly get on with your day

These sessions are for when life gets lifey –

so while the tuck shop is a smidge more goal-oriented – these audios are your go-to resource for everyday resilience and well-being


PS – This 10-session series normally sells for $129 CAD (approx $99 USD), but it's alllll yours for free when you sign up for Goal Trauma and pay in full.

Jacqui - Portrait size for website (4)

This experience literally changed my life!

It helped me get clarity to take my family in the new scary direction of my husband as a stay-at-home dad and me the main breadwinner. Life isn't any easier but we are way happier as a family!

♥  Leah

Ruth Gilbey Testimonial

It was honestly a lifesaver for me.

It was amazing to have a space to be open and vulnerable. Being an entrepreneur and coach can be lonely and people don't get what we do! You're so generous Jacqui and it was honestly a lifesaver for me. I had so many emotions to process and you gave me space to do that.

♥  Ruth Gilbey

And there’s ZERO RISK

On the fence? All good.

Join now and if you come to the first session and are like "nahhhhh not for me, Jacqui", you'll get a full refund.


No hard feelings, promise. 🤗

(just me, or does that emoji ↑↑ make you think *jazz hands*)

This is for you IF:

  • checkmark

    You're launching or growing your business and wrestling with crushing self-doubts. You’re worried about stuff like not being able to get the clients you want…. Or getting the clients you want and finding out you can’t handle all the extra work.

  • checkmark

    You've been aspiring to become a _____(life coach, author, artist, entrepreneur, etc.), but time constraints (aka LIFE) have constantly kept this goal just out of reach.

  • checkmark

    Increasing your rates or asking for a raise is on your mind, accompanied by fears of rejection and self-doubt.

  • checkmark

    You're eager(ish) to increase your business's visibility through social media or podcasts but you’re worried about potential judgment and scrutiny.

  • checkmark

    You want to dial down alllll the noise, overwhelm and stress…

  • checkmark

    You want to feel confident, productive, decisive, motivated, and an absolute NINJA at managing your time.

  • checkmark

    You’d love to wake up feeling energized… ready to tackle your goals with clarity and purpose.

  • checkmark

    You want off the hamster wheel of “do more, be more, try harder”

If even just one of these resonates, you’re in the right place.

In bed with a book

It’s time to get your tushy into Goal Trauma Winter Retreat!

Jacqui Acree - EFT Tapping

a love note from me & juno

If you feel like you should be further along in your life and business by now, I see you.

I know what it’s like to be on that “do more, be more, try harder” hamster wheel of DOOM.

I know what it’s like to “blood, sweat, tears, and dry shampoo” your way through life.

And I’m so freakin’ thankful that I found a more efficient and flowy way to move forward in my life and business.


Is my life perfect and easy now?

No. Life is still gonna Life.


But WAIT - don’t close the page yet! 😂

EFT Tapping isn't a magic eraser for everything that’s hard, but it will help you: 

KNOW you can handle whatever life throws your way

Move through emotional shitstorms with as much grace as possible

Dissolve resistance, stress, and overwhelm (see ya never “invisible wall”! 👋)

Amplify what you want to feel more of (calm, lightness, clarity, focus…)


So if you’re ready to find your flow, trust your gut, and get what you truly want and care about in 2024…

(...without stress-clenching those cute butt cheeks of yours)


… Then I can't wait to bring some forward freakin’ movement into your 2024! You’re in for such a treat, and I cannot wait to welcome you inside!

jacqui xx


Wednesdays starting Feb 7th, ending March 13th. The start time alternates between 9:30 am and noon PT in an effort to ensure accessibility to as many time zones and lifestyles as possible.

Can’t attend live? I gotchu. Replays will always be available within 24H.

I am SO with you on this one. Which is why I created this program to intentionally be low time commitment + high impact. That’s the beauty of EFT tapping. Because it works holistically - with your body, heart, and mind - you get results, fast.

There are 6 x 90 min group tapping sessions, so if you can give 9 hours → you’re golden.

The Tapping Tuck Shop offers bite-sized guided tapping audios so you have support whenever you need it throughout the week, but even if all you do is show up to the group sessions, you'll get results.

The answer to this one surprised me. When I first created this program, I thought you’d get the best results if you had a specific goal you were working on. But then a bunch of women who joined the first round didn’t have a clear goal; they just knew they were made for more and were afraid they were settling for less.

If you don’t have a clear, specific goal in mind but are familiar with engineering smallness because

  • the risk of trying and failing feels terrifying
  • you’re not sure you can handle everything that comes with success
  • being visible feels like death


And you want to grow core beliefs like

  • I know enough to get started and I can figure out the rest
  • I can adapt my plan and stay flexible through all the twists, turns, and pivots
  • I'll persist even when it's hard
  • I can tolerate the emotional shitstorm that inevitably accompanies big goals

This 6-week EFT tapping program is designed especially for you.

The myth everyone is selling out there is that change is easy. 
Manifestation culture is trying to sell you some kind of magic wand that doesn’t exist.

I’m not promising you an easy solution because I don’t believe you’re a problem to be fixed.

So will it be *easy*? No. But you can experience ease. Because tapping is a mind-body tool, you'll be working with your body instead of against it. No more trying to white knuckle every thought.

No magic wands here. What I am offering you is change. Progress. Movement. Forward motion. Something DIFFERENT.

So let's do this: come to the first session, and if you're like "NOPE, this isn't for me", I'll refund you in full.

YES! I love welcoming new women into the powerful experience of tapping! I'm your guide; all you have to do is follow along. Tapping is such a gentle, expansive practice and once you learn it you will be able to use it in all sorts of ways to support your mental, emotional, and physical health.

I gotchu. If you can't attend live, you'll have access to the replay within 24 hours (usually a couple of hours).

You can also do any of the on-demand audio recordings in the Tapping Tuck Shop whenever you like! 

And if you decide to add Voxer access, you'll have the opportunity to get my direct feedback privately for 2 days after each session, even if you weren't able to be there in person.

Mmm ‘smores.

You can DM me on Instagram here, or email me at [email protected]

I’ll respond human to human. No fancy shmancy virtual or DMs assistant…. Just me, you, and probably some form of a hot and caffeinated bevvy.


I had this belief "I'm disorganized"...

I wasn't one of those "special" people who bought planners and used them every single day. I believed I was "less than". After only one session, I got past the belief that if I had the perfect planner, I would change and be good enough.

Before we started I told Jacqui I was 2000% sure I was "not" organized and never could be. After the session, I felt a sense of calm and curiosity around areas where I was organized...enough.

It has been 2 years since that session. And I laugh at that girl who had her 2000% belief. I no longer look for planners to define my worth or level of "organized". I see that I have my own system and it's working and I love my planners now because I use them as I need them and if I don't, they don't define me. I am organized. And I believe that 2000%.

I learned to have compassion for myself - to see the beauty in my system. I let go of the self-judgment, and embraced curiosity - where am I really organized? And where are there areas that it doesn't even matter? And in fact there is beauty in being a little unorganized. I look at that as my creative space. 

Before tapping with Jacqui I wasn't at all open to curiosity and compassion, and was only focused on judging. I have such peace and calm now around the topic of organization and it all started with 1 tapping session.

♥  Liz

You’re made for more.  



And you don’t have to settle for less because guess what?

‘More’ just got a heck of a lot easier.


YOU get to define what your version of success is.

We burn ourselves down... 

... believing we need to shrink for someone else to shine, we’re not allowed to have *that* or be *that* or do *that*. 


Light a different kind of fire this year.

All of your perfecting, pleasing, performing, and proving…these are simply protective strategies to
keep you exactly where you are.

And they're doing exactly what they’re designed to do: keep you
here. Small, stressed, and stuck.

The thing is: *here* isn’t where you’re meant to be anymore.

You’re trying to get *there*.

More purpose
More love
More happiness
More confidence
More self-trust
More fulfilment
More freedom


The question is: how much MORE can your nervous system hold?

coffee and warm blanket

Goal Trauma Winter Retreat is THE place to be if you know you’re made for more, but afraid you’re settling for less...

Feel yourself expand with ease.

Choose the Goal Trauma Winter Retreat plan that works for you:

(And did I mention it’s in CANADIAN DOLLARS?! You're welcome!)

1 Payment of

$697 CAD

  • (approx $519 USD)
  • 6 x 90 minute LIVE group coaching + tapping sessions
  • Access to all replays (to re-visit whenever you want)
  • 10 on-demand tapping audios (in your back pocket for when your nervous system needs a little TLC)
  • *OPTIONAL Voxer access
  • **BONUS 10 x EFT audio sessions for non-gaslighty affirmations ($129 value)

2 Payments of

$349 CAD

  • (approx $259 USD)
  • 6 x 90 minute LIVE group coaching + tapping sessions
  • Access to all replays (to re-visit whenever you want)
  • 10 on-demand tapping audios (in your back pocket for when your nervous system needs a little TLC)
  • *OPTIONAL Voxer access
Libby Langley

Jacqui has helped me reframe, well, *everything* about my life and business...

I honestly had no clue what, if anything, tapping would do for me, but it has helped me put some upsetting incidents into perspective, and completely reframe my limiting beliefs so I am free to move forward with things on my terms.

I am stunned at how my life has changed-- but changed it has. I feel freer, clearer, and calmer.

I can’t recommend Jacqui and her “woo woo shit” highly enough. It’s incredible.

♥  Libby Langley

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