Calling all highly sensitive, high achieving women who know they’re made for more but are afraid they’re settling for less

goal trauma

summer camp

Reframe all the BS you’ve been told and sold and take action towards your goals with confidence and ease

with Certified Advanced EFT Tapping Practitioner Jacqui Acree

Your path to “I can’t believe I used to believe that sh*t”

Calling all highly sensitive, high achieving women who know they’re made for more but are afraid they’re settling for less

Goal Trauma Summer Camp - Jacqui Acree EFT

Reframe all the BS you’ve been told and sold and take action towards your goals with confidence and ease

with Certified Advanced EFT Tapping Practitioner Jacqui Acree

Your path to “I can’t believe I used to believe that sh*t”

After decades of self-doubt, Leah’s brain finally flipped the switch…

I’m the type who second-guesses my decisions to the extreme - I think about it for YEARS...even DECADES....

I constantly beat myself up for decisions I’ve made. Until Goal Trauma Summer Camp, I had never heard someone say “you made a decision you thought best with the information you had at the time”. It was like BOOM my brain finally flipped a switch. 


♥  Leah Duran

Leah Duran

You've been told (sold):

  • X

    get out of your comfort zone

  • X

    consistency is king

  • X

    you only fail if you quit

  • X

    no pain, no gain

  • X

    feel the fear and do it anyway

  • X

    the only thing stopping you is you

  • X

    mindset is everything

  • X

    if you don’t have it, you must not really want it

It’s time to ask yourself…

what if all that’s simply not true?

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The real danger is: it looks like that advice is working for *everyone else*, so naturally you’re left believing the problem must be you.


I’m here to tell you: the problem isn’t you.


You are made of f*cking stardust. And it’s time for you to rise and shine.


Without gaslighting yourself.


(You know…like feeding your crushing self-doubt, shrinking into your imposter syndrome, and simply being so damn hard on yourself.)


Let my hindsight be your foresight

Hey, I’m Jacqui Acree…

(first name impossible to spell, last name pronounced AY-KREE*)

*blame my mother and husband for that hard-to-spell, hard-to-say combo

Here’s what I know about you:

You’re a big-hearted high achiever who's stuck between your fear of success and your fear of failure. You feel like you should be further along by now, and you’re a wee bit freaked out that maybe you’ll never get *there*.

The answer to creating your dream life has zero to do with trying harder, getting out of your comfort zone, and beating yourself up when you don’t meet your own (and everyone else’s) crippling expectations.

If being hard on yourself worked, it would have worked by now.

hammock in the woods

So what is the answer?

 → Dissolving the invisible wall you’re up against by reframing your limiting beliefs, and frankly, feeling f*cking amazing about yourself because you know - like really deep down in the depths of your soul KNOW - you’re already enough. Just as you are. The rest is gravy.


You’re looking at the girl who once ground down her knuckles to a bloody pulp as a newbie flinging clay on a pottery wheel. (I can’t imagine a less-like-Demi-&-Patrick in Ghost experience.)


I applied this same intensity and effort to myself, trying to control the shit out of everything through mindset mastery (*cough cough* toxic positivity and emotional avoidance), and the slippery thing is…it looked like it was working for a while. I was a shooting star in my company, until I did exactly what shooting stars do. I burned out. Not in the typical “adrenals are totally effed” kinda way, but I burned out emotionally

Why? Because I kept trying to perfect, please, perform, and prove myself. All old patterns I learned with a messy ponytail in Grover overalls.

It wasn’t until I listened to my inner wisdom, rewrote my beliefs, and learned to tolerate the emotional roller coaster of pursuing big goals that I found freedom, flow, and fulfilment.

And now...

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    I know (like deep down in my bones know) there’s enough of me to go around; I’m no longer afraid my success will require too much of me

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    I celebrate the big and little things without feeling guilty for being happy and successful

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    I take inspired action from within my comfort zone, sans restrictive waistbands and forcing myself to do things I really do NOT want to do even when someone tells me I *should* do them if I want to be successful

Jacqui in grade 1
(me in grade 1, awwww)

All resulting in a growing, vibrant, successful (and sustainable!) business that suits my highly-sensitive-self to perfection (*chef’s kiss*).

Getting out of your comfort zone is so pre 30-year-old energy

Now you’re older and wiser.
You’ve seen some shit go down. 

4 reasons to expand your comfort zone this summer



Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone takes an immense amount of energy and is unsustainable. Protect your energy by working with yourself instead of against yourself



Getting out of your comfort zone feels f*cking awful, so of course you avoid it. You break your promise to yourself. Again. Which nurtures the narrative “I can’t trust myself.” When you expand your comfort zone, your self-trust will explode because you’ll experience yourself doing the things you say you’ll do



Contrary to mainstream advice, consistency isn’t king. What works for some mediocre white guy who thinks he’s your guru probably won’t work for you. Find your flow and experience the ease of building your dreams without the fear you won’t be able to sustain success once you get there, or feeling like the sacrifice you’re making *now* isn’t worth the *later*. Flow means you get to have your cake and eat it too

alarm clock


You’ve already spent too much of your life waiting. Waiting to be happier/thinner/successful/worthy. Wanting to be *there* instead of here, when HERE is the whole point. Find joy *here* on the way to *there*

Set yourself up for a kickass Fall while enjoying that chill summer vibe

goal trauma

summer camp

Set yourself up for a kickass Fall while enjoying that chill summer vibe

Goal Trauma Summer Camp - Jacqui Acree EFT

what's included...

The live group EFT tapping program that teaches you how to find freedom, flow, and fulfilment

…as you grow the life you want on your own terms


Live group coaching & tapping:

6 x 2-hour live (Zoom) sessions spaciously scheduled throughout summer so that you get the support you need and still get to wiggle your toes in the sand.


    Session 1: Expand your comfort zone

    Feel good and get sh*t done. Play the edge of your comfort zone so it expands


    Session 2: Comparison

    Learn how comparison is built-in biologically. Get comfortable being a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time


    Session 3: Self-trust

    Exchange self-doubt, betrayal, and abandonment for self-trust


    Session 4: Celebration

    Transforming the (limiting) belief “I’ll be happy when…” to “I give myself permission to experience my core desired feelings now


    Session 5: Confidence (part 1)

    Imperfect action trumps perfect action every time. Exchange all-or-nothing (over)thinking for all-or-something doing


    Session 6: Confidence (part 2)

    Fear is a shitty and inconsistent motivator. Fear that you’re not enough feeds the cycle of self-sabotage. Let go of scarcity and lean into sufficiency: I am enough. I’m doing enough

Campfire and smores
Tapping Tuck Shop - Jacqui Acree

Tapping Tuck Shop:

When I went to summer camp as a kid, we called the concession the "tuck shop". This is where you'd load up on candy and pop in the afternoon for a gorge-fest during free time. 

The Tapping Tuck Shop is a whole lot better for you than candy and pop, but it tastes just as good going down. This is where you'll find on-demand guided tapping audios so that you always know what to say and how to say it when you tap on your own.

The Tapping Tuck Shop is amazing - I went back to these audios over and over...

I loved having these tapping audios on demand. I can't count how many times the ones for "when you need to focus" and "releasing overwhelm" helped me get through my day. It still amazes me how big of a difference 15 minutes of tapping makes. Thanks Jacqui!


♥  Cheryl

Cheryl Rerick
Julia Pratten testimonial

I had already had a few 1-1 sessions with Jacqui before this program, but that was the sum total of my tapping experience...

Goal Trauma Summer Camp took me to the next level, not only in terms of the discipline itself (I’m still a total novice, but wow did it make a difference), but just the overall therapeutic benefit of the group setting, particularly on this subject matter.

Jacqui not only knows her stuff and delivers it so beautifully, she also brings everyone together and creates such a wonderful SAFE energy. This group was so special, so honest and Jacqui always seems to know which direction to take the session in. Everyone in the group was very different, but the experiences we’d had, our insecurities, our struggles were all similar. It truly felt like a sisterhood.

If you are looking for a way to shift the baggage we carry in terms of achieving, being stuck, and literally, goal trauma, then I would totally recommend this program. Not only do you get to be the recipient of Jacqui’s amazing skills, but you also get to be with a group of people who “get” what you’re going through.

♥  Julia Pratten

(this is not DIY)  


In Goal Trauma Summer Camp, you get that kumbaya feeling without the annoying AF song

Plus get this amazing bonus...


The Enneagram for Entrepreneurs Workshop, with Stephanie Hall


In this 60-minute workshop, you'll learn how:

→ What is holding us back in life is often ALSO what's holding us back in business
→ ANY type can be a great leader or entrepreneur!
Ninetypesco, Stephanie Hall

Feeling a HELL YES to enjoying that chill summer vibe while setting the stage for a kickass fall…

…by expanding your comfort zone and reframing your limiting beliefs about who you are and what you’re allowed to have?

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This experience literally changed my life!

It helped me get clarity to take my family in the new scary direction of my husband as a stay-at-home dad and me the main breadwinner. Life isn't any easier but we are way happier as a family!

♥  Leah


I love that I’m super gentle with myself these days.

The amazing thing is that such an enormous thing feels so subtle. I am loving this version of me. Thank you, Jacqui, for all you’ve done and for walking beside me.

♥  June Myles

Goal Trauma Summer Camp



What if I don’t have a specific goal?


The answer to this one surprised me. When I first created this program, I thought you’d get the best results if you had a specific goal you were working on. But then a bunch of women who joined the first summer camp didn’t have a clear goal; they just knew they were made for more and were afraid they were settling for less.

If you don’t have a clear, specific goal in mind but are familiar with

  • Self-doubt
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Procrastination
  • Shrinking yourself

and you know there’s something going on under the surface that wishful thinking won’t fix, Goal Trauma Summer Camp is a good fit for you.

Goal Trauma Summer Camp - Jacqui Acree
Goal Trauma Summer Camp


I kinda just wanna take the summer off and get back to my goals in the fall. Can I take this at a later date?


Short answer: I only run Goal Trauma Summer Camp once a year, so no - it won’t be available in the fall.

Long(er) answer:
ME TOO! I’m solar-powered (meaning summer is MY season), my kids and teacher-hubs are all home for the summer, and frankly, life has been A LOT this year. So I get it. We all need some summer vibes, big time. Which is exactly why I offer this program exclusively over the summer months. One of the key aspects of gold trauma is putting off your goals until Tomorrowland because you’re stuck in an activated stress cycle. This feeds self-doubt and will create the exact opposite of what you want. 

That being said, this program has an intentionally distinct summer vibe: spacious, expansive, and chill.



I don’t know anything about EFT Tapping. Can I still join?


YES! I love welcoming new women into the powerful experience of tapping! I'm your guide; all you have to do is follow along. Tapping is such a gentle, forgiving practice and once you learn it you will be able to use it in all sorts of ways to support your mental, emotional, and physical health.


What if I miss one of the live calls?


I got you. If you can't attend live, you'll have access to the recording within 24 hours. 

You can also do any of the on-demand audio recordings in the Tapping Tuck Shop whenever you like! 

Jacqui Acree

I had this belief that I was not "organized"...

I wasn't one of those "special" people who bought planners and used them every single day. I believed I was "less than". I had just 1 tapping session with Jacqui -- in that session, we got past the belief that if I had the perfect planner, I would change and be good enough.

Before we started I told her I was 2000% sure I was "not" organized and never could be. After the session, I felt a sense of calm and curiosity around areas where I was organized...enough.

It has been a year now. And I laugh at that girl who had her 2000% belief. I no longer look for planners to define my worth or level of "organized". I see that I have my own system and it's working and I love my planners now because I use them as I need them and if I don't, they don't define me. I am organized. And I believe that 2000%.

I learned to have compassion for myself - to see the beauty in my system. I let go of the self-judgment, and embraced curiosity - where am I really organized? And where are there areas that it doesn't even matter? And in fact there is beauty in being a little unorganized. I look at that as my creative space. 

Before tapping with Jacqui I wasn't at all open to exploring and only focused on judging. I have such peace and calm now around the topic of organization and it all started with 1 tapping session.

♥  Liz

You’re made for more. Stop settling for less.


Too many women are going to keep buying into the bullshit



“They used to burn us at the stake, now they just hand us the torches”

~Dr Valerie Rein

We burn ourselves down, believing we need to shrink for someone else to shine, we’re not allowed to have *that* or be *that* or do *that*.



Light a different kind of fire this summer.

All of your perfecting, pleasing, performing, and proving…these are simply protective strategies to
keep you exactly where you are.

And they're doing exactly what they’re designed to do: keep you
here. Small, stressed, and stuck.

The thing is: *here* isn’t where you’re meant to be anymore.

You’re trying to get *there*.

More income
More purpose
More love
More happiness
More confidence
More self-trust
More fulfilment
More freedom

Gola Trauma Summer Camp - Jacqui Acree
birds low

Goal Trauma Summer Camp is THE place to be this summer if you know you’re made for more, but afraid you’re settling for less...

Sit around the campfire with me. I’ve got a marshmallow with your name on it.

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You'll be the first to know when Goal Trauma enrolment is open!

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Jacqui has helped me reframe, well, *everything* about my life and business...

I honestly had no clue what, if anything, tapping would do for me, but it has helped me put some upsetting incidents into perspective, and completely reframe my limiting beliefs so I am free to move forward with things on my terms.

I am stunned at how my life has changed-- but changed it has. I feel freer, clearer, and calmer.

I can’t recommend Jacqui and her “woo woo shit” highly enough. It’s incredible.

♥  Libby Langley

Still not sure?  You can DM me on Instagram here, or email me at [email protected]

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