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Short-form content is where nuance goes to die.

And that’s why I love podcast interviews.

I get to dive into all the nuance + context in a real human-to-human conversation, peppered throughout with light bulb moments and literal laugh-out-loud moments.

Podcast with Jacqui

I always walk away from a conversation with Jacqui with a different and more positive perspective on things...

...without the toxic positivity, of course!  She was an amazingly insightful guest on my podcast. I recommend having this wise and very generous woman on your podcast!

♥  Ruth Gilbey, host of Inspiring Women in Business


eavesdrop on some of the juiciest conversations about

rage-tapping in bathroom stalls
and why the only thing stopping you isn't you.

Marketing #Unfiltered, with Sophia Parra

Seven Strong, with Holly Hillyer

Inspiring Women in Business, with Ruth Gilbey

Jacqui and Juno

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(TBH, I'm probably wandering with Juno right now)

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I'm here to demystify tapping, debunk manifestation BS, and help you get clarity + forward movement towards what you really want in life and business...without toxic positivity or gaslighting yourself.


Voted most likely to say out loud what others are thinking; least likely to stay quiet when someone needs to be told off.



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photo of Dani

I asked Jacqui to join my recent summit as a guest expert - and she knocked it out of the park.

While I didn't know her or her work overly well at our initial moments, I knew she was a highly regarded and experienced EFT practitioner and someone who I was confident would deliver for my audience.


And without hesitation, that's exactly what she did (the glowing responses I got from our 2,000-attendee event confirm this!)

Jacqui has a way of making tapping accessible and less intimidating for everyone, and she brings a calming presence and mental clarity into her delivery. She even did market research on my audience to make sure she was delivering exactly what they needed, and it felt rare to find a speaker who combined their professional expertise with such genuine care for my audience's needs.


Thanks for bringing such light to our event, Jacqui!

♥  Dani Paige, copy mentor for course creators + copywriters


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