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Due to my own woo-skepticism, I inadvertently became the go-to gal for the explanation behind how & why EFT tapping works.

But explanation without experience is dry.

Rage-tapping in a bathroom stall was my first experience with the transformational power of this incredible tool.

If you (like me) have tried lots of self-help, online courses, and maybe even coaching in the past, you might be wondering - does this sh*t even work? 

GOOD QUESTION. Read on, my friend…

Jacqui Acree EFT Tapping

In their own words...

June Myles testimonial

I love that I’m super gentle with myself these days.

The amazing thing is that such an enormous thing feels so subtle. I am loving this version of me. Thank you, Jacqui, for all you’ve done and for walking beside me.

♥  June Myles

Jacqui, you are just the absolute best...

What you put into each and every session is more than I could ever explain.

I have never felt so taken care of.

Mary-Anne Dennison

Laura Lee Regnier testimonial

After decades of personal growth work...

I am thrilled to have found Jacqui and the powerful transformational tool of tapping.  With Jacqui’s guidance, I’m learning what it means to truly be human and step beyond the clique of "change your thinking, change your life".

I am discovering a peace and contentment that I have longed for my whole life.

♥  Laura Lee Regnier


What they have to say...

Jennifer Mackie testimonial

Jennifer Mackie

Tapping has become a valuable centering practice for me and a readily available tool I use to restore my balance and energy. Through Being Human Together, I learned the importance of giving myself more grace, which allowed me to unravel some sticky beliefs and stories. This work created a space for me to explore new opportunities and find growth in my existing ones. Jacqui’s program provided me with a new sense of hope, insight, and a community that came at the most perfect time.


I had tried EFT tapping many times in my life, yet it never really resonated with me until I experienced tapping with Jacqui. She teaches in a style that is extremely relatable; she adds laughter to help balance the seriousness, and her personality is warm and nurturing. Tapping with Jacqui has allowed me to bring more fun into my life, relax my nervous system, and made me aware of the limiting beliefs I hold within and how to create space from them. Thank you Jacqui for bringing freedom and joy back into my life!
April Goldade testimonial

April Goldade

Going through Being Human Together taught me to approach my internal blocks and external frustrations with much more ease. Accepting that I am only human after all. I’ve done my fair share of mindset work over the years. I tried to just change my thoughts, but that approach didn’t always work for me. Tapping gives us permission to be honest about how we feel and work with our body and nervous system to bring it all into harmony.

Leah Duran

I have to admit the first time I tried tapping with you I thought it was a bunch of horse shit. But I figured what the hell I'm here I will try it..... and son of a bitch if I didn't feel better...... like WAY better.
Jessica Kay testimonial

Jessica Kay

Just a quick message to acknowledge how damn awesome you are at what you do. You’re real, authentic, and encouraging of a group of women to support each other and allow some laughs and humour which always feels good. I finished session 2 this morning and always have a great ‘ah hah!’ moment in each of your tapping sessions. Your words resonate deeply with me and your tapping sessions give me time and space to process these thoughts and shift them. I feel more positive and… my biggest intention right now… ACCEPTING who I am and where I’m at.


Thank you so much for the personal message. I might have gotten a little teary…your affirming words meant so much! I don’t know if it was the tapping, your caring presence, or just making space each day to acknowledge and accept my feelings, but it was a really great experience for me.
Julia Pratten testimonial

Julia Pratten

Jacqui not only has a wonderful sense of humour, which makes any session with her fun, she really knows her stuff. A session with her is like having a coffee with a friend, but a friend that ‘gets’ you and leaves you feeling elevated and optimistic. She’s not afraid to challenge or push you, especially when she is really trying to understand where you’re coming from, so I always feel like she truly has my best interests at heart. I came into tapping thinking it might be a bit woo-woo, but really, with Jacqui’s expertise not only in tapping but her absolute passion for the technique and the people she comes across, the benefit of this practice has been significant. Not in the least because of the ‘talk therapy’ element. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jacqui to anyone wishing to explore tapping or just a new tool to help them through this bumpy road we call life.


I have known Jacqui for years, so I know she always brings good insights. She is always thoughtful and well read on whatever subject she approaches. The course delivered the high quality content I expected. One of the best aspects of the course, which I was not expecting, was the development of community. Having the opportunity to hear from and connect with the other participants was an important aspect of the course that I didn’t foresee, but valued greatly.
Ruth Gilbey Testimonial

Ruth Gilbey

Jacqui helped me when I was feeling very overwhelmed and when I was feeling like all the noise from the coaching and self-help industry was making me feel more confused and nervous than actually helping me. She gave me a space to process a lot which, upon reflection, I'd been holding in and trying to almost white knuckle, mastering my mindset without being human first and allowing myself to be kinder to myself and feel things. She reminded me that it's not a weakness to have emotions or to work through things, that I have a support system, and I can process and work through things without needing to add pressure onto myself to look a certain way as a coach and business owner. She also gave me space to remind myself of how far I have come and confidence in where I want to go. It was an incredibly freeing experience being coached, supported, and tapping with Jacqui. I started feeling confused, scared and overwhelmed and, after even one session, felt confident, calm and in control. And most importantly be happy being me. Thank you, Jacqui xx.


Goal Trauma Summer Camp really was like summer camp! Seeing all those strong women from very different worlds all with problems similar to mine. I no longer felt alone. And the tapping tuck shop is amazing! I used those over and over again. Your course was incredible and I love how you gave us the tools to help ourselves.

Leigh Silver

Tapping is a game-changer for me. It helps me settle down my mind and nervous system so I can process my thoughts and feelings with gentleness. Being Human Together is the perfect title for this community. We are really in this together.
Katherine Oneil testimonial

Katherine O’Neil

I’d never tried EFT before. I’d heard of it of course, but like many things, it went on my list of “someday”. Then Jacqui’s offer of easing the mental load popped up in my inbox and it spoke right to me. Not only did I look forward to those five 30-minute sessions that week, but they were placeholders for ME. Time to stop, breathe (literally), and shut down my busy mind. It was a safe and warm space to show up, feel, and share. Jacqui gave me tools to use whenever I needed them during this crazy time of life.

Sarah Kilshaw

My experience with Being Human Together was beyond my expectations! Everything is set up so beautifully, and you somehow know what we all need to hear without us even knowing ourselves until we hear it.


​​I left the group tapping session with such a feeling of peace. First time I've felt that way in a while. One thing I really took to heart- I am not a shitty person my circumstances may be shitty but I am not shitty. I've just had shit, shit, and more shit thrown my way for so long it's hard to differentiate between me and the situations. Now that I can recognize the thought, I can work on it.
Cheryl Rerick testimonial

Cheryl Rerick

When Jacqui introduced me to EFT tapping, I was struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, and stress... raising 3 kids and running a business from home during a pandemic. Not to mention those past traumas we all have that simmer just below the surface. With her program Being Human Together, Jacqui has created a beautiful soft place to land. Bring your worries, bring your flaws, and all your big feelings. Everything is welcome. She showed me how to embrace and feel into the negative stuff, and then shift it to something that actually serves me. With Jacqui's unique style of tapping, I often sit down all up in my traumas, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and like I can't see my way out of it. And when we're done, I feel a lightness, calmness, and a feeling of security that is hard to describe in words. I've tapped with other people, but there is no one who does it like Jacqui- she's the real deal. I'm so glad I joined her program and community, it's been a game-changer.


It was very powerful for me, but light at the same time. Easy. And accessible. You have such a gift.
Carla Unger Testimonial

Carla Unger

Tapping with Jacqui has been a game-changer. She creates a safe space, listens, and asks the right questions that allow you to dig deep about yourself. Her intuitive tapping affirmations are created personally for you, which leads to inner and outer healing.


I feel like I create anxiety where there is none. I've been on such "high alert" for so long it's hard to let go of that feeling of dread and all those things I "should" be doing. I feel these feelings so intensely I am unable to relax in my own home or really anywhere. I enjoyed learning how to write my own tapping script - you taught me the tools to go a lil deeper with myself and give myself the room to feel what I am feeling instead of bury/numb it. Then ask the right questions to explore how and why I feel what I do.
Robyn testimonial


I had a one on one session with Jacqui, not knowing what to expect, but willing to try anything given my current state of mental, physical, and emotional stress and burnout. As we worked through some of the feelings and with the questions Jacqui asked, we unlocked a HUGE door within me.


Your real and vulnerable power shone through each session and was so easy to relate to and feel open. In session 2 when you asked us to imagine ourselves as a child and giving ourselves what we need, it was powerful for me because I wouldn’t hesitate to validate and support a child’s needs but it seems so much more difficult to care for myself. Today’s warrior image also allowed me to look at myself not through my insecurities but as a friend that I look up to and am proud of.
Libby Langley

Libby Langley

Jacqui has helped me reframe, well, *everything* about my life and business. I honestly had no clue what, if anything, tapping would do for me, but it has helped me put some upsetting incidents into perspective, and completely reframe my limiting beliefs so I am free to move forward with things on my terms. I am stunned at how my life has changed after only 5 1:1 sessions, but changed it has. I feel freer, clearer, and calmer. I can’t recommend Jacqui and her “woo woo shit” highly enough. It’s incredible.


Wow, that was great! Very powerful. Thank you so much, Jacqui, a first for me, and I really enjoyed it.
birds low

I had heard of “tapping” and understood in the most simplistic way...

That it was some sort of meditation or relaxation method. I needed some tools to help me with an uncontrollable/physiologic stress response I developed after having hidden a personal physical illness for far too long.  I trusted Jacqui to help me step outside my comfort zone and try this “tapping” skill or tool. 

Well, I was pleasantly surprised that ”tapping” was a real thing with real results. This wasn’t just another mental narrative that I had to convince myself of, or more thoughts I had to manage.

While “tapping” focuses the touch on sensory points of your body it also encompasses a unique way to help you let go of that which takes up space in your mind. The first round (or two) gives you an outlet to verbalize that which is taking up space...most importantly the thoughts and feelings we never talk about because we don’t want to be seen as weak, ridiculous or to feel vulnerable.

This is where you have to trust and say those things out loud...it wasn’t easy for me at first but when I spoke out loud I actually heard my own words and felt an incredible release of emotion and connection to what I was saying. When I had done this in my head I didn’t truly hear the most important things. 

My favourite is the progress into affirmations. The verbalization of what the situation really is, the affirmation to consider that even though you are having these thoughts and feelings what if for a moment you believed in yourself and your abilities.

This was groundbreaking and likely the first time I was guided in a fashion that had me speak to myself as if I was that friend or complete stranger sitting in that chair that I cared about so much and had nothing but kindness and time for. For probably the first time in my adult years, I spoke out loud through guided tapping in a fashion that respected myself in a fair and unbiased way. 

And now I am able to access short tapping sessions as a tool to help me manage moments of chaos in my brain or to help manage physiological stress responses.  

Jacqui is calm, supportive and in tune with what your needs are. Even though I didn’t know exactly what my needs were, Jacqui found what resonated dear to my heart and some personal struggles I didn’t even know I was having. She hears what you are saying when you might not. I was absolutely comfortable taking this journey with Jacqui by my side to guide me through the process. Thank you Jacqui, you are a special lady and a gift to the community of “tapping”.  

♥  Kerri

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When one of us rises, we all rise together

This “hey look at how great I am!” thing can get your nervous system a little jangly. But I stand for women taking up more space in this world.

I've heard people say “take up as much space as a mediocre white man”. 

But who wants to be mediocre??

Rise and shine with me. 

Jacqui Acree EFT Tapping

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